Full Service Dog Grooming

We offer full service grooming for your pets. Prices vary by breed, size and coat condition.


Included with a bath, your pet will have his/her nails trimmed, ears cleaned and anal glands,expressed upon request. We will provide flea treatment or medicated baths as requested. Your pet will also receive a complete brush out before and after his/her bath. (Dematting Not Included)

Mini Groom

For a few dollars more, your pet will receive everything included with bath in addition to having his/her face, feet,groin, and rear trimmed.


Along with all services listed above your pet will receive a full haircut.

Dematting and Shaving

Your pets coat can become matted (tightly tangled) in time without proper brushing, combing and grooming. It is not our intention to shave your pet unless you request it, or it is necessary due to lack of maintenance of your pets coat. Dematting is very timely and takes skill and patience on the part of your groomer. All pets cannot tolerate dematting and as necessary it may be determined by the groomer that your pet has to be shaved. If this is required, you will be contacted and consulted before any pet is shaved. If your pet does require dematting as stated before, this is a very timely process and there will have to be an additional charge. An estimate for this service will be provided to you. As stated before it is not our intention to shave any pet and we will not do so unless requested by you or required.

While You're away

While you're away, your pet is first prepared for his/her bath, which means, nail trimmed, ears cleaned , coat brushed, rough cut(if receiving a haircut). During this time your pet's skin is checked to see if a flea shampoo or medicated bath is required. Next your pet may go into the tub or a kennel to wait his/her tun for a bath. After the bath your pet will be fluff dried. No heat is used on your pet while he/she is in the kennel. Next will be the finishing process. Your pet is again out on the grooming table to be finished clipped or hand scissor depending on the style. All pets receive required finishing after the bath. We feel that our skill is an art form and take pride in what we do. We hope you enjoy the work we do for you as much as we enjoy doing it.

At this dog daycare center we keep your pets looking and feeling good.