• derrickcain

How your pet keeps you sane during an pandemic?

The covid-19 crisis has caused a-lot of people to spend more time at home than usual. This caused people to become frantic and anxious from not doing things they were accustom to doing. Like small things such as getting a haircut, nails done, or even a dine in at their favorite restaurant.

There are many studies done that show pets improve our mental and physical health. Keep reading to learn how!

They help ease depression

Past studies show that people that have dogs in their homes live happier and healthier lives. Science daily published a study by John Hopkins medicine that concluded early-life exposure to dogs can lessen the chances of developing schizophrenia.

They teach us responsibility

Dogs basic needs has to be meet. Such as feeding, bathing, and daily exercise. A pet is a long term commitment that has a lot of responsibility. Being responsible for a dog is a mood enhancer. It can promote high self of esteem and boost confidence.

Taking care of a pet adds structure to the owners life and completing such task adds a sense of accomplishment. The parent will be proud of themselves and add this practice to other areas of their lives. A pet can cause you to be successful!

They help us live longer

Dogs can gift us with longer life. The American Heart Association provided that a dog can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Dog ownership in general reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the report people with dogs may engage in more physical activity than people without dogs. Like daily walking, and other physical activities. 54% of people with dogs get the recommended amount of daily activity.

Owning a pet has been supported that it reduces blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels and can even lower the risk of obesity.

They look after those in need

Service dogs help lead the blind, help with panic attacks, and can even know when their owner is about to have a seizure before it even happens.

Service dogs are widely important is that because they help their owners live a close to normal life as possible.

So in conclusion dogs in particular help us without even realizing it. They are sometimes the base that holds us together in uncertain times like now.