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Maintaining Pet health during covid-19

While pets are not known to spread the covid-19 virus, it is always safer to take precautions. Pet owners should still worry because pet owners can spread the virus indirectly to their pets.

How to practice social distancing with your pet

For starters, keep your pet at a safe distance from people and other pets. Cats don't have to be taken out and can be kept indoors when possible. As far as dogs keep at least 6 feet from other people/pets. Your pet does not have to wear a face mask.

How often should you bathe your dog

There is no need to change your dog wash schedule during the covid-19. You can increase the interval in which you wash your dog, but ideally you should him if he stinks.

Remember that your dogs fur can carry the virus. So be mindful to keep a safe distance and practice social distancing like we discussed earlier. Do not use anti disinfectants or alcohol based products because it can cause irritation. Cleaning the paws should do the trick.

What to do if one of your family members get sick?

What happens if one of your family members become sick? Restrict your pet from cuddling with the family because particles can get in their fur and then spread to others.

Does your pet need testing?

While the odds of the virus affecting your dog are low, its better to take neccesary precautions. If your dog start to experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, or difficulty breathing its better to get him tested.


Pet owners are scared for their pets during the pandemic for good reason. While pets do not transmit the virus, they transfer the virus indirectly via their pet fur. Make sure to take neccesary cautions.